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  • Department of Corrections Settlement
    A disturbed felon with a history of violence was released from prison on the condition he complied with certain requirements.  He was to be supervised by the Department of Corrections (DOC).  Rather than send him back to prison, DOC continued to allow him to be at large despite violent and…
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  • SSI Household / Spousal Income
    How Much of a Spouse's Income is Deemed? The Social Security Administration has a complicated formula for deeming a spouse's income. To estimate how much of your husband or wife’s income will be deemed to you, you can follow these guidelines. First, deduct living expenses of $361 for each child from…
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  • US District Court Appeal
    On March 23, 2015 Mr. O’Neill’s client won a US District Court appeal.   On that date the US magistrate issued a report and recommendation that reversed and remanded the decision of Commissioner which had denied a Title disability application.  The plaintiff suffered from ulcerative colitis which resulted in unpredictable frequent…
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  • Threat to Social Security Disability Benefits
    Long ago I made a rule for myself to stay out of politics. I am breaking that rule. The election results from last November have resulted in a new Congress, which has acted in a way that I think you need to know about.  I have enclosed a summary of…
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  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
    A man who regularly rode his bicycle to work was struck one morning by a 79-year old driving an aging pickup truck.  Predictably, the driver “didn’t see” the bicyclist nor could he afford the mandatory liability insurance required by state law. Luckily the injured man had purchased a $100,000 uninsured…
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  • Underinsured Motorist Claim
    A man with a $100,000 underinsured motorist policy was injured when an underinsured motorist collided with him. After collecting the bad driver’s liability limits Mr. Crandall sought the $100,000 policy limits from his client’s own insurance company. Predictably, his insurer denied the nature and extent of their insured’s injuries. They were…
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  • Successful Appeal
    In June 2014 The Court of Appeals affirmed a $165,000 verdict and judgment Mr. Crandall won for a client. The at-fault driver’s insurer, Farmers, had claimed on appeal that the jury had awarded far too much for the Plaintiff for her lifelong symptoms. The real reason for the appeal was…
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  • Criminal Charges Dropped
    A young man represented by Duane C. Crandall was falsely accused of Burglary in the first degree, Assault, and Interfering with a 911 call.  At a recent trial, Mr. Crandall obtained not guilty verdicts on all counts and was successful in getting a court to order $35,000 in restitution from…
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  • False Accusations Result in Settlement
    In an unpleasant case, a marriage gone bad resulted in the parents of one party making determined efforts to turn their grandchildren against the father, including making false accusations of child abuse.  Duane C. Crandall represented the father in a lawsuit against the grandparents and obtained a $60,000 settlement on his behalf.
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  • Personal Injury Settlements
    Duane C. Crandall successfully secured the following results in 2014 thus far: Client was hit by a van while on a motorcycle resulting in a broken hip and leg. $950,000 Client was injured while riding a dangerous horse. $100,000 Client was injured after being hit while walking in a crosswalk resulting…
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